JAN 11

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Movement and music without boundaries

Musiqa, Noblemotion Dance, and KINETIC unite for an evening of expressive contemporary music and movement.

Saturday, January 11, 2020 | 7:30pm

Sunday, January 12, 2020 | 3:00pm

MATCH – Midtown Arts & Theater Center

3400 Main Street
Houston TX 77002


Free street parking after 6:00pm. Paid parking across Holman St at MidMain garage.


1 hr 55 min

with intermission

What’s special about this program

  • This three-way collaboration features expressive, new dance works created for equally expressive contemporary music.

The Program

Christopher Cerrone: "High Windows"

High Windows is a quote and has two meanings: It is a literal reference to the windows of St. Ann’s Church in Brooklyn, the reverberant space for which Christopher Corrine composed the piece; it also refers to a Philip Larkin poem in which the older author sums up the tumult of his youth.

Pierre Jalbert: "Autumn Rhapsody" and "Elegy"

Musiqa Artistic Board member, Pierre Jalbert, has developed a musical language that is engaging, expressive, and deeply personal.

Jessie Montgomery: "Starburst" and "Strum"

“Starburst,” a brief one-movement work for string orchestra, is a play on imagery of rapidly changing musical colors. Exploding gestures are juxtaposed with gentle fleeting melodies in an attempt to create a multidimensional soundscape.

“Strum,” a folk- and dance-inspired piece for string quartet creates feelings of nostalgia and celebration, while weaving rhythmic and harmonic textures.

François Rabbath: "Poucha-das"

Dedicated to Ravi Shankar, “Poucha-das” evokes the sound of teh sitar, interweaving Eastern soudns with Wester melodies.

The concert experience

Musiqa programs are full of surprises on stage. Here’s what’s you need to know about everything else:


Pre-concert talks begin 30 minutes before the show

Dress is casual, like you’re going to drinks and a movie

Bring your drinks to your seat

Phones on silent, no flash photography

Share on social in the phone rows. Tag Musiqa!

Collaborating Artists

NobleMotion Dance

KINETIC The Conductorless Ensemble

KINETIC, The Conductorless Ensemble