Teacher Praise

“Students at our school do not have a music class. My class was thrilled to have the exposure to fine arts education. Learning about instruments through international folk music was a fabulous experience. Thank you for the CDs that will enable me to continue activities at school. MARVELOUS!”
–Melanie Leavens, Wainwright Elementary

“Inner city children rarely attend concerts at the Hobby Center. Showing them a new venue and music types could shape their lives. The kids really enjoyed visiting a beautiful facility and being entertained.”
–Pam Bayer, Almeda Elementary

“Musiqa had a person to come out and practice with our students. She had all the songs photocopied and ready. The children enjoyed singing and dancing. This field trip got all the students involved. That’s a plus. Other field trips don’t compare. I want to thank you for helping in motivating our children through music. I have never seen them so excited about a field trip.”
–Highland Heights

“Students sang along, had fun and were very engaged in the presentation. Multimedia usage was great. Learning about different composers, types of songs, different cultures, opens their minds to diversity.”
–Angela Franco, K. Smith Elementary

“The music knowledge gained by these children was profound for one hour. Many students have not ever had the opportunity to visit downtown much less an actual theatre hall so this was an experience of a lifetime and a memory that truly touched their hearts.”
–Jamie Homburg, Teague Elementary

“It was phenomenal! (The students) gained a greater appreciation of music and learning to be critical consumers of art. We genuinely appreciate EVERYTHING that you are doing for our children.”
–Mary Denise Williams, Looscan Elementary

“It was wonderful. The kids and I enjoyed it tremendously. We play the CD during the day. The kids are now interested in the countries, languages and origins of the songs. The level of interaction with the kids is super.”
–Sharon Zallis-Youngblood, Looscan Elementary

“This program is the most thorough and best I have attended with my past fourth graders.”
–Maria L. Matos, Port Houston Elementary

“Thank you for presenting this program to our students. It is a fantastic experience for them (and we teachers, too!)”
–Christopher Warren, Poe Elementary

“The program was wonderful from beginning to end.”
–Norma Dixon, Herod Elementary

“Exceeded my expectations due to how well the instructor interacts with the students and gains their participation. The workshop was excellent.”
–Adriane Brown, Lockhart Elementary

“Informational and keeps the children engaged. They are exposed to something new both culturally and in experience. My students are not exposed to our city’s fine art community. I love the one-on-one feeling you get at this program.”
–Sandra Snider, Raul C. Martinez Elementary

“I was delighted with every aspect of your performance. The children were mesmerized and enchanted. The music was beautiful and presented in a way that not only held the children’s attention but also instructed them as to different styles, colors, tempos and moods in music. I very much admire your project for bringing such wonderful music and education to children.”
–Linda Starry, St. Nicholas School