2002-2012: The First Decade


April 28, 2002, Rothko Chapel
Morton Feldman: ”Structures”
Shuh-Hui Chen: ”Twice Removed”
Pierre Jalbert: ”Songs of Gibran”
Karim Al-Zand: ”String Quartet No. 2 Etudes”
Edward Hirsch: ”Two Suitcases of Childrens’ Drawings from Terezin 1942-44″”
Anthony Brandt: ”Four Shadowings”
Earl Kim: ”Three Poems in French”


Musiqa at the Rothko Chapel
April 27, 2003, Rothko Chapel
Rob Smith: ”Spike”
Karim Al-Zand: ”Sonata for piano”
Pierre Jalbert: ”Dual Velocity”
Shih-Hui Chen: ”SHUI”
Edward Albee: ”Box”
Anthony Brandt: ”The House Surrounded”
Kurt Stallman: ”Lumina II”
Olivier Messiaen: ”Regard de l’Esprit de Joie”

Music from Near and Far
January 16, 2004, Zilkha Hall
Anthony Brandt: ”Greeting”
Pierre Boulez: ”Derive”
Karim Al-Zand: ”Four Fables”
Pierre Jalbert: ”Visual Abstract”
Paul Stanhope: ”Mularra”
Kurt Stallman: ”Four Metaphysical Miniatures”
Luciano Berio: ”Folk Songs”

Children’s Program – A Musical Spring
Spring ’04, Zilkha Hall

Made in America
May 1, 2004, Rothko Chapel
Karim Al-Zand: ”Music Box Prelude”
Rob Smith: ”Skitter Music”
George Walker: ”Songs”
Anthony Brandt: ”Roman a Clef”
Roberto Sierra: ”Bong-O”
Shulamit Ran: ”Private Game”
Shih-Hui Chen: ”66 Times”
Dr. John Leinhard: ”Finding Our Voice- After Sixty Years of Searching”


Early and Late
December 10, 2004, Rothko Chapel
Steve Reich: ”Piano Phase”
Henry Cowell: ”Amiable Conversation from Five Encores to”Dynamic Motion””
Henry Cowell: ”Anti-Modernist Songs”
Henry Cowell: ”Vocalise”
Gyorgy Ligeti: ”Musica Ricercata”
Jennifer Grotz: ”Early and Late”
Steve Reich: ”Nagoya Marimbas”
Henry Cowell: ”Three Songs of Padriac Colum; Spring Pools; Spring Comes Singing”
Gyorgy Ligeti: ”Etudes pour Piano, deuxieme livre”

A Converation Among Equals
January 14, 2005, Zilkha Hall
Igor Stravinsky: ”Three Pieces”
Shih-Hui Chen: ”String Quartet No. 5”
Anthony Brandt: ”The Dragon and the Undying”
Douglas Mitchell: ”Just the Usual ”
Henri Dutilleux: ”Ainsi la nuit”

Pierrot and Beyond
April 30, 2005, Zilkha Hall
Karim Al-Zand: ”The Waiting Game”
Ross Edwards: ”Ecstatic Dances”
Pierre Jalbert: ”The Invention of the Saxophone”
Rob Smith: ”Essential Torque”
Arnold Schoenberg: ”Pierrot Lunaire”


Musical Landscapes
July 26, 2005, Contemporary Arts Museum

Intimate Voices
December 9, 2005, Rothko Chapel
Piet Swerts: ”Klonos”
David Diamond: ”Vocalises”
George Rochberg: ”Caprices Etudes”
Anthony Brandt: ”Creeley Songs”
Justin Cronin: ”Oysters”
Witold Lutoslawski: ”Bucolics”
Arlene Zallman: ”Sonnet/Sonata”
Rob Smith: ”Juggernaut”

Sound and Light
January 15, 2006, Zilkha Hall
Kurt Stallman: ”Passages I, II, III”
Luigi Dallapiccola: ”Divertimento”
Shih-Hui Chen: ”Sweet Rice Pie”
Will Eno: ”The Coach, In Sorrow, Unemployed”
Hal Hartley, film; Louis Andriessen: ”The New Math(s)”

Music to See
March 16, 2006, Contemporary Arts Museum

Strings Attached
April 30, 2006, Zilkha Hall
Behzad Ranjbaran: ”Moto Perpetuo”
Jennifer Higdon: ”To the Point”
Anthony Hawley: ”Icefield Sonnets”
Pierre Jalbert: ”Icefield Sonnets”
Karim Al-Zand: ”Lamentation on the Disasters of War”
Jose Limon (choreographer), Bach: ”Chaconne”
J.S. Bach: ”Alles mit gott”
Earl Kim: ”Illuminations”


August 24, 2006, Contemporary Arts Museum

September 21, 2006, Contemporary Arts Museum

In Memory: Gyorgy Ligeti
October 14, 2006, Zilkha Hall
Gyorgy Ligeti: ”Works for Piano Four-Hands”
”Cello Sonata”
”Ot Arany Dal”
”Passacaglia ungharese”
”Der Sommer”
”Selbstportrait mit Reich un Riley”
”Poeme Symphonique”

Portraits d’Amour
February 17, 2007, Zilkha Hall
Gabriel Faure: ”Notre Amour”
Andre Jolivet: ”Jardins D’Hiver”
Francois Couperin: ”Il Ritratto dell’amore”
Olivier Messiaen: ”Trois Melodies”
Maurice Ravel: ”Two Songs from Scheherezade”
Marin Marais: ”Rondeau le Bijoux, Le Tourbillon”
Francois Campion: ”Prelude, fugue, and air”
Francis Poulenc: ”A sa guitare”
Henri Dutilleux: ”San Francisco Nights”
Claude Debussy: ”Apparition”
Jean Philippe Rameau: ”L’agacante; Musette en Rondeau”
Marin Marais: ”La Minaudiere, Fete Champetre”
Ernst Chausson: ”Le Reveil”

Portraits d’amour @ MFAH
February 18, 2007, Museum of Fine Arts
Claude Debussy: ”Mandoline”
Francois Couperin: ”Il Ritratto dell’amore”
Olivier Messiaen: ”Trois Melodies”
Francois Campion: ”Prelude, fugue, and air”
Francis Poulenc: ”A sa guitare”
Henri Dutilleux: ”San Francisco Nights”
Claude Debussy: ”Apparition”
Marin Marais: ”Rondeau le Bijoux, Fete Champetre”

Musiqa presents: The Enso String Quartet
March 1, 2007, Contemporary Arts Museum
Tony Hoagland: ”Reading”
Alberto Ginastera: ”String Quartet no. 2”

March 29, 2007, Contemporary Arts Museum
Rob Smith: ”String Quartet”

Sonnets and Stories
April 28, 2007, Zilkha Hall
Rob Smith: ”Sprint”
Pierre Jalbert: ”Icefield Sonnets”
Isaac Julien (short film): ”True North”
Karim Al-Zand: ”Parizade and the Singing Tree”


Nexus, Texas
September 27, 2007, Contemporary Arts Museum
Marcus Maroney: ”Toccata”
Robert X. Rodriguez: ”Chronies”
Dan Welcher: ”Spirit Realms: Three Meditations”
David Heuser: ”Deep Blue Spiral”

Stay Tuned
October 13, 2007, Zilkha Hall
John Cage: ”Radio Music”
Anthony Brandt, Karim Al-Zand, Pierre Jalbert, Rob Smith: ”Ring Cycle”
Paul Moravek: ”Time Machine”
Sebastian Currier: ”Verge”
Jennifer Higdon: ”Zaka”
Mary Heilmann: “To Be Someone”

November 15, 2007, Contemporary Arts Museum
Karim Al-Zand: ”Duet for Harp and Viola”
Earl Kim: ”Now and Then”
Karim Al-Zand: ”Winter Scenes: Four Songs on poetry of D.G. Jones”

Lights in the Heights
December 8, 2007, The Heights, Houston
Phil Kline: ”Unsilent Night”

Opposites Attract
January 11, 2008, Ziklha Hall
Pierre Jalbert: ”String Quartet No. 3”
Leighton Pierce: ”Viscera (film)”
Anthony Brandt, composer; Will Eno, librettist: ”The Birth of Something”

Design Life Now
February 8, 2008, Contemporary Arts Museum
Earle Brown: ”Tracer”
John Cage: ”Living Room Music”

Inner Voices
March 15, 2008, Zilkha Hall
Craig Wright: ”Prelude from Melissa Arctic”
Toru Takemitsu: ”Rain Spell”
Craig Wright: ”Interlude 1 from The Pavilion”
Kaija Saariaho: ”Ariel’s Hail; Miranda’s Lament”
Craig Wright: ”Interlude 2 from The Pavilion”
Karim Al-Zand: ”Leila”
Craig Wright: ”Interlude 3 from Orange Flower Water”
Paul Moravec: ”Vince and Jan: 1945”
John Corigliano: ”Snapshot- circa 1909”
Craig Wright: ”Postlude from The Pavilion”

April 4, 2008, St. Philip Presbyterian Church
Aaron Copland: ”Appalachian Spring”
Pierre Jalbert: ”Transcendental Windows”
William Walton: ”Façade”


Time Will Tell
October 11, 2008, Zilkha Hall
Thomas Ades: ”Court Studies”
Iannis Xenakis: ”Rebonds”
Rob Smith/Karen Stokes: ”Transparent”
Rob Smith: ”Breaking Point”
Eric Moe: ”Time Will Tell”

Every Sound You Can Imagine
November 20, 2008, Contemporary Arts Museum

Music About Music
January 10, 2009, Zilkha Hall
Karim Al-Zand: ”Pattern Preludes, Book 1”
Steven Stucky: ”Partita Pastorale”
Marcus Maroney: ”Hudson”
David Crumb: ”Improvisations on an English Folk Tune”
Antonya Nelson: ”We and They”

Plains of Mars exhibition concert
February 6, 2009, Museum of Fine Arts
Karim Al-Zand: ”Lamentation on the Disasters of War”

The Puppet Show concert
February 12, 2009, Contemporary Arts Museum

Lighting the Way
March 21, 2009, Zilkha Hall
Mary-Ellen Childs: ”Click”
George Crumb: ”American Songbook (selections)”
Pierre Jalbert: ”Piano Trio”
Anthony Brandt: ”Eye Opener”


Critical Moments
October 10, 2009, Zilkha Hall
Jonathan Harvey: ”The Riot”
George Perle: ”Critical Moments 2”
Joseph Schwantner: ”Velocities”
Luciano Berio: ”O King”
Mat Johnson: ”Gold”
Jean Detheux; Pierre Jalbert: ”L’oeil ecoute (film) with music”

Immeasurable Distance
November 19, 2009, Contemporary Arts Museum
Rob Smith: ”Gargoyle”
Luigi Nono: ”La Fabbrica Illuminata”
Mario Davidovsky: ”Synchronism No. 9”

January 10, 2010, Zilkha Hall
Mark Klistofte: ”Ballistic Etude 3.1”
Marcus Maroney: ”Mouvements Caches”
Miranda July: ”Are You the Favorite Person of Anyone? (film)”
Lenka Clayton and James Price: ”People In Order (film)”
Oliver Knussen: ”Fantasia Upon One Note”
Mark-Anthony Turnage: ”Two Baudelaire Songs”
Anthony Brandt: ”FOCUS”

Birth of the Cool
February 18, 2010, Contemporary Arts Museum
Jacob TV: ”Buku”
Marcus Maroney: ”Denk Dir”
Rob Smith: ”schizo ‘squito”
Joan Tower: ”Wings”
Jacob TV: ”Pimpin”

Imaginary Scenes
April 3, 2010, Zilkha Hall
Rob Smith: ”Hot Seat”
Karim Al-Zand: ”Imaginary Scenes”
Karlheinz Stockhausen: ”The Little Harlequin”
Wynton Marsalis: ”At the Octaroon Balls”
Hamza El Din; Stanton Welch, choreographer: ”Fingerprints”

May 20, 2010, Contemporary Arts Museum
Steve Reich: ”Clapping Music”
Marcus Maroney: ”Panneaux en acier”
Vinko Globokar: ”Corporal”
Iannis Xenakis: ”Okho”


Music With Camera
September 23, 2010, Contemporary Arts Museum
Karlheinz Stockhausen: ”Vibra-Elufa”
Alvin Lucier: ”The Queen of the South”
Andy Pape: ”CADance for Two”
Johnny DeKam: ”Be Johnny”

She Told Me This
October 16, 2010, Zilkha Hall
Lei Liang: ”Gobi Gloria”
J. Todd Frazier: ”Save The World – In Memoriam: Richard Smalley”
Anthony Brandt: ”Nano Symphony”
Lou Harrison: ”Varied Trio”
Stewart Wallace: ”She Told Me This”

Everette Harp Unplugged
November 3, 2010, Zilkha Hall
Russell Pinkston: ”Tale Spin”
Robert Muczynski: ”Desperate Measures”

Born in a State of Flux(us)
November 7, 2010, Contemporary Arts Museum
Benjamin Patterson: ”Ants revisited”
Benjamin Patterson: ”Variations for Double Bass”
Benjamin Patterson: ”Duo for Voice and a String Instrument”
Benjamin Patterson: ”Carmen”
Benjamin Patterson: ”A Simple Opera”
Benjamin Patterson: ”Paper Piece”

Musiqa ReMix
December 7-8, 2010, Zilkha Hall
Marcus Maroney: ”Building Blocks of Music”
Karim Al-Zand: ”Beat Box”
Rob Smith: ”Meter Medley”
Pierre Jalbert: ”Orchestration”
Anthony Brandt: ”Harmony Make-Over”
Anthony Brandt: ”Tune Collider”

Real and Imagined
January 8, 2011, Zilkha Hall
Evan Chambers: ”Love Dogs”
Takahashi Ishida: ”Film of the Sea (short film)”
Theo Loevendie: ”Six Turkish Folk Poems”
Paul Frehner: ”Oracle”
Diego MacLean: ”The Art of Drowning”
Eve Beglarian: ”I Will Not Be Sad in This World”
Pierre Jalbert: ”Visual Abstract”

Answers to Questions
February 17, 2011, Contemporary Arts Museum
Todd Reynolds: ”Beginner’s Mind”
Bill Ryan: ”A Simple Place”
Michael Loewenstern: ”Crossroads”
David T. Little: ”and the sky was still there”
Ingram Marshall: ”September Canons”
Todd Reynolds: ”Icy Sleeves of Green”
Nick Zammuto: ”Fast Pasture”
Todd Reynolds: ”Outerborough”

The Art of Conversation
March 26, 2011, Zilkha Hall
Rob Smith: ”Spin”
Michael Hollinger: ”Naked Launch”
Karim Al-Zand: ”String Quartet No. 3: The Art of Conversation”
Franz Schubert: ”Quartettsatz”
Marcus Maroney: ”Three Pieces for String Quartet”
Michael Hollinger: ”Truth Decay”
Kurt Stallman: ”Electronic Prelude”
Kurt Stallman: ”Following Franz, Now”

Musiqa Fest- Musiqa Fiesta
February 17, 2011, Page Southerland Page
Tata Nacho: ”Tengo Nostalgia de Ti”
Armando Lavalle: ”Cancion que es llanto en el mar”
Salvador Moreno: ”Definicion”
Maria Grever: ”Tu, tu y tu”
Astor Piazzolla: ”Tango”
Daniel Catan: ”Escuchame from Florencia el Amazonas”


Play a Song For Me
September 24, 2011, Zilkha Hall
Brandt; Al-Zand; Jalbert; Smith; Maroney: ”Musiqa Miniatures”
Justin Cronin: ”A Gathering of Shades ftrom Mary and O’Neil”
John Harbison: ”Songs America Loves to Sing”
John Corigliano: ”Mr. Tambourine Man”

The Extravagant Vein
November 17, 2011, Contemporary Arts Museum
Cornelius Cardew: ”The Worker’s Song”
John Fitz Rogers: ”The Evidence”
Ryo Noda: ”Mai”
Christian Lauba: ”Nine Etudes, Book I”
Frederic Rzewski: ”No More War”
Pierre Max DuBois: ”Feu de Paille”

Free of the Ground
January 7, 2012, Zilkha Hall
Phillippe Hurel: ”Tombeau in memoriam Gerard Grisey”
Karim Al-Zand: ”Tagore Love Songs”
Anthony Brandt: ”Creeley Songs”
Astor Piazzolla: ”De Amor y de Muerte choreography”

Deconstructive Impulse
February 9, 2012, Contemporary Arts Museum
Cindy McTee: ”Stepping Out”
Shulamit Ran: ”For An Actor”
Dorothy Chang: ”Mirage”
Libby Larsen: ”Corker”

Key Images
March 31, 2012, Zilkha Hall
Pierre Jalbert: ”Toccata”
Marcus Maroney: ”Cinque Ricordi”
Michael Gagne: ”Sensology (film)”
Anthony Brandt: ”Round Top Trio”
Karim Al-Zand: ”Pattern Preludes, Book 2”
Rob Smith: ”Essential Torque”

10th Anniversary Celebration
April 28, 2012, Page Southerland Page
Marcus Maroney: ”Touche”
Peter Sculthorpe: ”Parting”
Karim Al-Zand: ”Variations for Viola and Piano”
Alberto Ginastera: ”Tres Danzas Argentinas, op. 2”

Alternate Tracks
May 17, 2012, Contemporary Arts Museum
Kenya Gillespie: ”A Rude Awakening”
Charles Halka: ”Street”
Samuel Hunter: ”Nosferatu”
Desmond Ikegwuonu: ”Tinged with Sadness”
Benjamin Krause: ”Suspicion”
Daniel Webbon: ”Cops and Robbers”