Hobby Center for the Performing Arts

Discovery Series Program

October 22-25, 2019

Performance Times: 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM
Recommended for Grades 2 – 4

Concert for Families

October 24, 2019

Performance Times: 7:00 PM


Around the World with Musiqa is a nationally acclaimed interactive contemporary music concert created by the composers of Musiqa for elementary school students.  The concert uses modern arrangements of folk songs to teach a variety of musical concepts to children.  The children are encouraged to actively participate in the concert by singing along and the concert provides many opportunities for the students to interact with the performers on stage.  The performance features professional musicians and an engaging narrator guides the children through the imaginative and interactive musical experience.

Winner of six consecutive awards from the National Endowment for the Arts (2008-2013), “Around the World with Musiqa” is the nationally acclaimed interactive, multi-media program that has been performed for nearly more than 35,000 public school students in the past seven years.  In addition to experiencing a live performance by professional musicians in a downtown concert hall, students will:

  • learn about the historical context of musical pieces
  • have the opportunity to actively participate with the musicians on-stage
  • learn about concert etiquette
  • explore a variety of musical terms

and, best of all,


Teachers, please explore the links in the sidebar on the left to find study guides, concert information, musical definitions, classroom activities and much more!

Performer and production credits:
Karol Bennett, soprano; Leone Buyse, flute; Hannah Holman, cello; Susan Oltsman Koozin, narrator; Tricia Park, violin; Rod Waters, piano; Michael Webster, clarinet; Blake Wilkins, percussion.
Bill Klemm, videographer and editor; Kate Dawson, director.