Join us right here June 17-19 for the return of “Musiqa’s Sight & Sonic Houston Parade,” a four-part series by T Lavois Thiebaud and James Templeton celebrating the the artists and city that we love with a musical tour of some of our most beloved spots – from Allen’s Landing to the Orange Show and more. Tickets are not required, but donations help us to pay the artists involved in this film, and your support is always appreciated. Our suggested ticket price is $35, but we appreciate your support at any level!

Episode 1: “Mbira Song”

by Karim Al-Zand

Episode 2: “Livewire”

by Anthony Brandt

Episode 3: “Pulse”

by Pierre Jalbert

Episode 4: “Velvet”

by Marcus Karl Maroney

More about the artists
“Musiqa’s Sight & Sonic Houston Parade” features compositions by Karim Al-Zand, Anthony Brandt, Pierre Jalbert and Marcus Maroney, with performances by Bree Ahern (cello), Laura Bleakley (piano), Doug DeVries (flute), Jackson Guillen (violin), Mary Grace Johnson (violin), Maiko Sasaki (clarinet), Jacob Schafer (violin), Mayara Velasquez (cello), Matthew Weathers (viola), Blake Wilkins (vibraphone, percussion), and Eiki Isomura (conductor). Supported by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Winnie’s Sandwiches and Cocktails, Brazos Bookstore, and Musiqa Composer Circle Members, and featuring supporting characters from across Houston’s artistic community, this film is a group effort that reflects Musiqa’s collaborative spirit in all that we do.