Musiqa is dedicated to the performance of contemporary classical music, with a focus on presenting new and original compositions. Since its founding in 2002, Musiqa has presented more than 200 concerts and performance the music of over 150 modern composers, including more than 30 world premieres.

Commissioning new contemporary classical works is integral to our mission to enrich and inspire the community through programs that integral contemporary music with other modern art forms.

Recent commissions include:

Southern Specter

Film by Richard Johnson
Music by Timothy Roy, 2016-17 Musiqa Emerging Composer

Saxophone Quartet, No. 2, 2016

By Joel Love, 2015-16 Musiqa Emerging Composer

Earth Songs, 2016

By Marcus K. Maroney

Earth Songs was co-commissioned with generous support from FotoFest.

Angenieta, 2016

By Rob Smith